Total CUI Management Program




  • The standard coating system on the piping are Not able to withstand the cyclical of HOT & COLD stress under the Insulation
  • External chloride corrosion & stress cracking of Austenitic and Duplex stainless steel present under the Insulation will accelerate the corrosion. The chloride salts are from the insulation materials itself. Worse is the present of Hot elevated water temperature under the CUI.
  • Water trapped under the Insulation materials (Rockwool, Glass Wool, Perlite, Calcium Silicate) with other variables under the CUI will accelerate the corrosion.



  • Aerogel Blanket : Hydrophobic insulation Blanket (Advance Insulation Material)
  • Non Metallic Cladding : To prevent water ingress from external cladding (ULVA)
  • NDT Inspection without opening the Cladding