Abadi Oil and Gas Services Sdn Bhd is a PETRONAS licensed company in Malaysia which is one of the leading Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Services provider. We offer technologies solutions based on a wide range of highly specialized principal's CUI knowledge such as Sherwin Williams (USA), Aerogel Insulation and Non-Metallic Cladding to mitigate "CUI" for abroad spectrum of industries affected by CUI. In additional, we brought together Non-Destructive Testing (AE) NDT without opening the cladding as our services. We also provide an advanced online chemical cleaning included Sentrofin for Air Coolers as well as Sentromax for Furnaces, Heater and Steam Boilers. Our technical staff are highly experienced & professional in providing competitive edge build on quality of our work, reliability and high Standard of CUI mitigation project as well as other services.


Advanced Phonon NDT

Fully Automated System

Tube Inspection in Action


Online Chemical Cleaning - Sentromax

Cleaning Convection Section

Radiant Opening


Online Chemical Cleaning - Sentrofin

Cleaning Induced Draft Fin-Fan Coolers

No confined Space Entry


Corrosion Under Insulations (CUI)


Insulation and CUI Coating

Heat Flex 3500 Insulation Coating

Heat Flex Hi-Temp 1200 Insulation Coating


Hot and Cold Insulation (Aerogel)


Aerogel Demonstration

Aerogel Superinsulation Blowtorch Demo