Online Cleaning Chemical


SENTROFIN - Online Cleaning of Air Coolers (Fin-Fan)

Our innovative Dry Process (no water needed) cleans fouled Air Coolers and Air Heat Exchangers during normal operating conditions.


Benefits :

  • Increase efficiency (increased temperature delta)
  • Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased production
  • No need to shutdown the entire bank of fans


Chemicals pass through the whole bundle

Cleaning Air Coolers


Cleaning Induced Draft Fin Fan Coolers

No Confined Space Entry



SENTROMAX - Online Cleaning of Furnaces & Boilers

Unique cleaning process removes both inorganic and organic fouling that build up on RADIANT and CONVECTION sections during normal operating conditions.


Benefits :

  • Increase Efficiency (by 4-12%)
  • Increased Production (average 6%)
  • Energy Saving - less fuel
  • No shut-down required


Cleaning Convection Section

Fouled Radiant Tubes


Half Dirty Half Clean Radiant Tubes

Radiant Opening